Platform update autumn 2022

The platform we are building is constantly evolving! Here on the blog we’ll regularly summarize the main developments of our tooling portfolio.

October 11, 2022
Feature Update


Features and fixes


Since this is our first Feature Release update we thought we’d also give a brief intro. The RemotiveLabs Platform is what we call our offering with easy to use and lightweight tooling for software development in automotive. RemotiveBroker – the core of our platform and a flexible way to connect to any vehicle with the hardware of your choice. RemotiveBroker can be accessed with our WebApp which exposes a user interface that simplifies setup, configuration and signal analysis.

A key upcoming product release for us is the RemotiveCloud, currently we offer a cloud demo with sample signal data for those who want to familiarize themselves with our offering.

Main Features & Fixes

  • Collaboration platform: We’ve started testing the structure and verifying the initial functionality with our first Beta users. Want to become a Beta user? Email us at
  • Simplified configuration: Although hardware agnostic, setting up RemotiveBroker is still a bit complicated. We keep simplifying the process and are happy to support new users who run into questions when following our Get Started instruction on GitHub.
  • Improved recording handling: We’ve improved the possibility to see duration and recording length in our new archive format.
  • CAN frame multiplexing: Transfer different sets of signals per signal frame.
  • Performance improvements: We’ve reduced use of hardware resources to be even less which enables playback on limited hardware.

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