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Intro Sheet

A 2-page summary on RemotiveLabs and our development platform.

Open PDF

End User License Agreement (EULA)

Find the agreement and the related privacy policy.

GitHub incl documentation

For Protobuffers, gRPC doc, Python API with PIP package and more:

Hardware alternatives & Open Source

Our tooling runs on the hardware of choice & we love open source:

Reference Kits —

RemotiveBroker can run on the hardware of your choice. We have a growing list of reference kits to make sure that getting started with RemotiveBroker gets even simpler. Find the current list of reference integrations below:

RemotiveBox available for DIY 3D printing.

Reference Kit


Preconfigured telematics computers from HostMobility

Preconfigured automotive grade telematics computers, open RemotiveLabs HostMobility Data Sheet.



RaspberryPi + Shield (CAN). Software image available in Getting Started on GitHub. RemotiveBox – print your own casing.

Any Linux/Docker-based HW

Docker setup available in Getting Started on GitHub.

Open Source Notices —

We love to enable more use of open source in automotive and use it frequently ourselves. Components or libraries included in or bundled with the RemotiveLabs software include:


Licenced under

Elixir Language –, José Valim

Apache v2

Apache v2

Apache v2

gRPC server/client –

Apache v2

JSON encoding/decoding Poison –

BSD Zero Clause License

ISC License

Access SocketCan
NgCan –


Xml parser sweet_xml –


Pretty print
scribe –


Exprof profiling –


Elixir JSON Schema validator –


Let’s innovate & get stuff done together!

We’re constantly updating and adding to the RemotiveLabs platform. Our current licensees are invited to evaluate our cloud collaboration platform. Want to learn more or be a beta tester? Connect and tell us what you are looking to get done!