The core of our software development platform

The RemotiveBroker provides vehicle developers with a modern development environment to get stuff done with access to vehicle data, transparency & freedom of choice.

A vehicle signal broker with gRPC & integration libraries

The RemotiveBroker is a software ECU/cloud-connected logger that reads and writes to all vehicle buses supporting automotive protocols. It is a developer tool that can be used for various tasks including prototyping new ECUs, driving verification by providing stimuli and simulating parts of the vehicle architecture. It complements existing test rigs / work benches with a cost-efficient and remote alternative for development teams who can write their test cases in for example Python instead of traditional automotive languages.

Reduce dependencies

Today’s vehicles are full of sensors and processors which all produce tons of diagnostic data and the historical value and toolchain for building vehicles have a lot of dependencies. Combined with the proprietary software development tools that have been commonly used in vehicle development, this dramatically reduces flexibility and adds constraints to the ways of working.

  • gRPC-based pub/sub interface – Use the programming language of your choice, including Python, Rust, and C++ in your preferred operating system (macOS, Windows, Ubuntu etc). Simple configuration, sharing, and integration testing.
  • A Swiss army knife – all the automotive / vehicle development stuff you need including protocols, E2E protection, and more – but in a developer-friendly way. Go to platform details.
  • Docker-based – Runs on any Linux/ HW, Telematics computer, Nvidia Drive or Raspberry Pi + CAN shield – Reference Kits available.

Examples of how automotive teams use RemotiveBroker

  • Retrieving and experiencing in-vehicle live data for innovation and testing. With the reading and writing possibilities, new ideas can be executed and experienced right away.
  • Sharing live data between the vehicle and other hardware for UX design or software for more relevant prototyping – See how a ProtoPie instrument cluster can be fed live data.
  • Easy to integrate into CI pipelines. Complement existing expensive and hard-to-gain-access test rigs / ECU verification tests with a Python script setup available 24/7 remotely.
  • Share recordings to RemotiveCloud (VSS filtered for 3rd party) for analysis and cloud collaboration.

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The RemotiveBroker web app user interface is easy to use and was just updated with some new features.

Pricing RemotiveBroker —

The core of the RemotiveLabs platform is its easy access to signals from the vehicle with a flexible setup designed to suit modern software ECU development and testing.

We offer a 30-day free RemotiveBroker evaluation licence which you can request here. If you want to buy a commercial RemotiveBroker Licence – please contact

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RemotiveBroker license

Price per license

2 500 Euro / year

  • Hardware agnostic
  • Record signals from any vehicle
  • Read & write vehicle signals
  • Build scalable & remotely accessible test rigs
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Note! A RemotiveCloud account is included in the RemotiveBroker license price.

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