A virtual collaboration environment

RemotiveCloud enables easy sharing of drive cycles/scenarios and feeding of these into emulators and design tools for collaboration, both internally and externally, and the functionality will continue to expand over time.

RemotiveCloud –  a virtual extension of the RemotiveBroker environment

The RemotiveLabs Platform allows automakers to take control of their development environment and facilitate hardware abstraction. Starting from the flexible core, the RemotiveBroker, and continuing with key cloud features through RemotiveCloud we are on a journey to build a complete and developer-friendly platform for vehicle virtualization.

Getting more development done in a virtual environment means higher speed, improved collaboration, and faster iterations. Further, a virtualized vehicle development will reduce the environmental footprint in terms of hardware and transportation needed during development.

The typical use case of RemotiveCloud play-back simplifies collaboration internally and externally and enables signal transformation in a virtualized environment. More information on use cases: AAOS and ProtoPie in respective blog articles. Integrations and APIs available on RemotiveLabs GitHub.  

Key functionalities

Collaborate seamlessly with your team and external partners. Replay, transform, and stream vehicle signals to where you need them, ensuring seamless access within your team or organization. Share curated signal sets with external collaborators while safeguarding proprietary data.

Upload and playback recordings

Record using RemotiveBroker (or candump, ASC etc.) – share and collaborate with internal and external parties in RemotiveCloud. Enables designers and teams to get access to real data for fast prototyping, mutual debugging, and functional testing at any part of the development process.

Use your language of choice 

Stream recorded signals to an application in your language of choice. Consume, plot or make use of the vehicle signals anywhere!

Transform and share signals 

Use LUA scripting to transform (rename, map, merge or synthesize) signals emitted at custom frequency. Create abstraction layers to integrate with AAOS, ProtoPie, Unity and similar tools, or easily transform signals to standard formats like COVESA VSS and AAOS properties. Share curated signal sets with external collaborators, hiding proprietary data.

Achieve more – faster!

Everything is scriptable! Configure/control/run things via Cloud Console in the browser or command line using our CLI.

Examples of how automotive teams use RemotiveCloud

  • Run drive scenarios without a car: Data playback of recorded drive cycles without delays. Feed/stream into external applications (including Unreal Engine / Unity 3D) to test designs. 
  • Collaborate and debug on the same data: Use RemotiveCloud as the single point of truth for multiple collaborators to review the same data. Hide proprietary data by transforming signals into VSS when giving access to external collaborators.
  • Verify your ProtoPie concepts: Get access to realistic vehicle data for faster and more relevant automotive prototyping.
  • Accelerate AAOS development: Feed real vehicle data into app development.

Limited RemotiveCloud version available for free

Experience RemotiveCloud without any upfront costs by signing up to our free plan. Gain access to three sample recordings of real vehicle data, upload your own Candump file, create a project and invite one external collaborator to share insights and streamline development workflows. A perfect opportunity to explore the capabilities of RemotiveCloud and experience the power of using, transforming and streaming vehicle data to external applications.

Pricing RemotiveCloud —

Explore RemotiveCloud, the virtual collaboration environment – either through our Starter, Professional or Enterprise plan.


For early adopters – to try features and get an idea of product value!

Price Per User


Sign up for free

Includes everything in the Professional plan but limited to:

  • Upload 1 recording
  • Analysing 1 recording
  • Create 1 project
  • Invite one collaborator


For you and your team, with unlimited recording uploads and all the pro features.

Price Per User

900 Euro /year

Contact Sales


  • Sample recordings
  • Unlimited projects & collaborators
  • Upload unlimited recordings


  • Replay, visualize and work with signals
  • Use your language of choice
  • Transform signals using LUA scripting
  • Create abstraction layers & integrate with external apps

Analyze-package: NEW FEATURE!

  • Search and explore signals
  • Add annotations


For companies / teams with specific use cases that need custom setup we offer a Enterprise solution.

Price Per User

From 900 Euro /year

Contact Sales

Includes everything in Professional, and:

  • Unique setup
  • Custom integrations
  • SSO solution

*The starter plan allows uploading and analysing one (1) drive cycle recording of your own in addition to the available sample recordings included in the plan. To be able to work with additional recordings and collaborate more broadly – please upgrade to the professional plan.

Ready to get started?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! You can also test drive the platform with our demo in the cloud or by booking a 15-minute technical overview.

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