Tooling overview

Simplify vehicle software development

We come in peace, but we mean business! In this industry of giants everybody talks about the software transformation, but few actually build tools that reduce complexities and help automakers take ownership of their dev environment. Use any programming language including Rust, C++ and Python for ECU prototyping.

Data & signal access

Take ownership of your development environment with RemotiveBroker running on your local Linux machine.

Flexibility & speed

Tweak the signals on the fly using scripts (LUA) to match your target environment, such as Android, COVESA VSS, Unity or similar.

Business value

Scale & automate everything with CLI, using affordable software, let’s minimize click-ops in automotive.

Open platform for automotive software development

We empower engineers to speed up vehicle software development. Developers use RemotiveLabs lightweight tooling for fast in-vehicle prototyping, for collaborating on vehicle data with third parties, and for OEMs & autotech companies to take ownership of their software development. We are strong believers in left-shifting and enable early integration & testing while removing hardware dependencies.

We’re building a complete framework for virtual vehicle development. Our tooling constantly evolves but already caters to modern software engineers in getting stuff done in anything from developing software on the ECU level and turning vehicle signals into services.

RemotiveBroker: The platform core can be used as software ECU, data logger, middleware for flexible prototyping & test rig enabler.

RemotiveCloud: Playback, transforming & feeding of signals. Seamless & simple collaboration without touching the hardware.

Protocols & integrations

Developer-centric automotive software using your programming language of choice, e.g. Python, Rust, C++ etc. Our RemotiveBroker tool lets you read and write vehicle signal data through gRPC APIs. We support common vehicle network protocols like CAN, FlexRay, LIN and Automotive Ethernet – enabled by .dbc, .xml (fibex), .ldf and .arxml. E2E protection support available.

Hardware agnostic

Run our tooling on the hardware of your choice! A growing list of reference kits exists, including Raspberry Pi and any Linux-based hardware. Other operating systems or cloud setup is possible. Enhance you setup with SocketCAN enabled hardware (HATs and USB adapters).

Flexible & easy access

Share and collaborate internally and externally, with support for most coding languages using gRPC. Simplify processes with useful plugins and integrations, and stream signals to where you need them (examples: ProtoPie or Android Automotive). 

Signal data & visualization

Get started on new ideas quickly with all the signal data in one place! Visualize signal data using our graphical user interface or scripts (CLI), and pipe the data to your tools.

Achieve more faster

Everything is scriptable! Configure / control / run using the Cloud Console in the browser or command line using our CLI.

Try out RemotiveCloud at no cost by signing up to a free account here

Book a personal demo

The core of the RemotiveLabs development platform is easy access to signals from the vehicle with a flexible setup designed to suit modern software development. Book a high-level technical intro with a personal demo and ask us anything you want to know!

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RemotiveLabs supports the transformation of how software is built in automotive by making it easier for OEMs and partners to start from the cloud. As opposed to traditional tooling RemotiveLabs main focus is on enabling developers to get more stuff done in a virtual prototyping environment and in steps move over to a “physical twin”. This mindset and approach add speed, reduce risk, and facilitate more iteration.

Vehicle virtualization

RemotiveLabs tooling is designed to help our customers build a larger portion of their software in the cloud, and then let them move over to hardware step by step. Basically, thinking that the car is the physical twin and not the other way around. 

From prototype to product

Start early with ECU software development, without all the hardware hassles. Validate vehicle architecture in a virtual environment and do early integration testing before the hardware is available. Left shift the software transformation in automotive.

Let’s innovate & get stuff done together!

We’re constantly updating and adding to the RemotiveLabs platform. Our current licensees are invited to evaluate our cloud collaboration platform. Want to learn more or be a beta tester? Connect and tell us what you are looking to get done!