Tooling overview

Software development tools that simplify

We come in peace, but we mean business! Software development in vehicle development needs a way for creative minds to have transparent access to signal data and that allows apply agile processes without being held back by bureaucracy.

Data & signal access

The ability for automotive OEMs to take full software ownership and share assets.

Flexibility & speed

From idea to code in production, teams can work efficiently and get things done.

Business value

Affordable software to help reduce the overall time-to-market.

Our lightweight tooling is used in anything from early research/innovation projects, to pre-development and production programs as well as in collaboration projects with partners and suppliers.
1) Easy access to signal data for a cost-effective early-stage innovation, development, and user testing.
2) Simplified continuous integration and module/system testing.
3) Seamless access to data and tooling in the cloud.

Efficient for vehicle development

RemotiveLabs offers software development tooling that’s hardware, language & process agnostic. We make it easier for vehicle developers to realize great ideas faster, take ownership of software development and testing, and collaborate more efficiently. The RemotiveLabs platform caters to the needs of modern vehicle developers. The heart of the platform is the RemotiveBroker which removes complexity from early-stage ideation to later stages of development.

Book a high-level technical demo

The core of the RemotiveLabs development platform is easy access to signals from the vehicle with a flexible setup designed to suit modern software development. Book a 15 minute demo including a Q&A to learn more!

Platform details

The available DIY casing print file for RemotiveBox.

Go to our growing list of reference kits >>

Protocols & integrations

Supports gRPC automotive software development using the programming language of your choice as Python, Rust, C++ etc. There is also support for vehicle network protocols like CAN (.dbc), SocketCAN, Flexray (fibex), LIN (.ldf), UDP as well as arxml.

Hardware agnostic

Run our tooling on the hardware of your choice! A growing list of reference kits exists, including Raspberry Pi or any Linux-based hardware. Other operating systems or cloud setup is possible.

Flexible & easy access

Share and collaborate internally and externally, with support for most coding languages. Simplify processes with useful plugins and integrations. Bring Your Own Contract (BYOC) or import existing Mobile Network Operator (MNO) contracts and negotiated rates.

Signal data & visualization

Get started on new ideas quickly with all the signal data in one place! Select from a tree structure, use flexible graphics and frontends, and add tools to work smarter (not harder). Protocol friendly with E2E protection enabled with a few json lines. Download, review, verify, version handling and access control, plus utilize existing open-source on GitHub.

Achieve more faster

Enables simultaneous deployment and the ability to run tests on updated code. There’s no locked-in process or unwanted dependencies. You can set access and team structures relevant to each project. We believe that the automotive industry will benefit from more iteration and flexibility! Join our community on GitHub or try our demo in the cloud.

Let’s innovate & get stuff done together!

We’re constantly updating and adding to the RemotiveLabs platform. Our current licensees are invited to evaluate our cloud collaboration platform. Want to learn more or be a beta tester? Connect and tell us what you are looking to get done!