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Software development now makes up a substantial portion of a vehicle’s creation and value. The ability to meet new requirements quickly, iterate early on ECUs and take ownership are important competitive advantages.

A multitude of business-driven reasons to go agile

There are multitudes of business drivers and reasons for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure that their engineers have the proper support for innovation and new launches – not to mention the fact that software development is now a large cost driver and differentiator. Below are some considerations and how RemotiveLabs can support vehicle and ECU development:

Why consider RemotiveLabs platform for iterative and fast vehicle development?

Increase speed and reduce risk

With an iterative way of working

A vehicle, like a car or truck, is a complex device with many ECUs (electronic control units) that all have to co-exist within the internal vehicle networks (e.g. CAN, FlexRay, LIN and Ethernet) and be able to work together. It is not enough to just support something like the AUTOSAR specification. RemotiveLabs platform allows software engineers to continuously integrate and test the software developed in an iterative way. What’s being developed can be ensured to function in both a stand-alone and a simulated full car environment. Engineers can playback recorded data and inject errors to find potential problems earlier rather than later to ensure that the SOP date is met.

It has been estimated that a one-month delay in start of production (SOP) in the automotive industry can result in a loss of more than €100 million in earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) for the largest OEMs.

From McKinsey’s report published 2022:
Cracking the complexity code in embedded systems development

Innovate & realize new ideas

With the right people

The automotive sector is in direct competition with tech companies and other industries for software talent. Vehicle and ECU development will include more and more software and the new developers want to work in an agnostic approach, using the language of their choice and tooling that suits their application development rather than being proprietary.

RemotiveLabs supports the ability to innovate since ideas can be tried out quickly and in a smooth way. According to the Effective Engineer, “rapid feedback means that mistakes and errors surface quicker”.

We estimate that there were 24.3M active software developers in the world at the start of 2021, out of which 13M are software professionals. There is an increase in the developer population of 3M developers since mid 2020, or an annual growth that hovers around 20%. Out of those 24.3M, two in three are below 35 years of age.

Developer Nation Pulse Report, published 2021

Software-centric development

With seamless collaboration

A substantial part of future automotive and ECU innovation will come from software development. Thus, the goal is to empower software engineers with a modern platform that enables an iterative and playful development process. In essence, this is why a democratization in software development in AutoTech is needed. It should be easy to get going with whatever hardware platform you have at your hand, connect it to a vehicle, and share recordings with colleagues via the cloud. RemotiveLabs allow engineers to gain momentum from each other’s work and collaborate externally more easily when needed. Get a common ground for your vehicle development projects, even when working globally with multi-site development.

The growth of the overall development effort in the coming decade is reflected in the growth of the sheer number of SW developers, totaling ~250,000 in 2030.

From McKinsey’s report published 2019:
Automotive software and electronics 2030

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