Cloud collaboration

Seamless & simple collaboration

Today’s software-defined vehicles require close cooperation between internal and external teams. RemotiveLabs allows you to easily switch between cloud development, in-vehicle and test rig throughout the development process. Facilitate ECU and vehicle development and testing through virtualization.

Innovate without touching the car

We provide virtualization of development and testing to easily progress with new software and continue forward in projects remotely. Our cloud licenses facilitate playback, scenario integration testing, as well as collaboration internally and with external partners.

  • Enable 100% software-first seamless development
  • Simple configuration, sharing and integration testing
  • Switch development environments from the cloud to test-rigs to vehicle

Top use cases —

RemotiveLabs platform allows you to play & visualize recorded signals without specific hardware. We enable 3rd party integration, as well as straightforward data sharing and collaboration. You can even convert and transform data into non-proprietary formats including VSS.

Data playback

Upload recorded drive cycles without delays and work directly with the data in the cloud.

Switch development environment

Use the simple configuration for development or testing environments to work back and forth between the cloud and hardware.

Third-party integrations

Feed data into Android Automotive VHAL to run drive scenarios without a car. Test designs in Unreal Engine / Unity 3D and ProtoPie Connect using real data.

Share data & collaborate

Employ easy-to-use collaboration and data sharing with internal and external partners. Speed up development and problem triage by using the same data. Convert/transform data into non-proprietary VSS formats.

Ready to get started?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! You can also test drive the platform with our demo in the cloud or by booking a 15-minute technical overview.

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