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In the automotive industry software engineers need to build and test software for vehicles that don’t exist yet. It’s hard work, but it’s a lot easier with flexible tools.

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Experience our platform in the cloud with pre-recorded data

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There are two ways to test drive RemotiveLabs!

Experience through RemotiveCloud free plan

Get a sense of the platform by experimenting with signals from three sample recordings of real vehicle data.

  • See the signals through the web client or via a reference library
  • Replay and learn how to work with signals in the platform
  • Apply your own code
  • Upload your own Candump log file
  • Create a project and invite collaborators to join you

The available recordings in RemotiveCloud free plan includes a variety of drive cycles including night drive, city drive and highway drives. The above drive cycle is recorded around Turning Torso in Malmö, Sweden. 

Try it for free

Get a 30-day free RemotiveBroker evaluation license

Want to evaluate the RemotiveLabs platform with your own signal data? Apply for a free hardware license now.

How to get started

  • Install RemotiveBroker on the hardware of your choice following the User Guide. Use the hardware of your choice, we have a growing list of reference kits. You will also need a cable to connect to your test car.
  • After installation, request a license through your RemotiveWebApp.

What can you do?

  • Start recording signals from any vehicle.
  • Upload- / -download data, work on signals by running it through the tooling of choice, and more.
  • Create a free RemotiveCloud account to invite and collaborate with your peers

What happens after 30 days?

  • The license will be inactivated after 30 days. Before or after that, you can contact us through to set up a subscription license.
Get your free evaluation license here

We constantly develop the RemotiveLabs platform –  tell us about what you are looking for to get stuff done in your automotive software project! Contact us at

Pricing RemotiveCloud —

Explore RemotiveCloud, the virtual collaboration environment – either through our Starter, Professional or Enterprise plan.


For early adopters – to try features and get an idea of product value!

Price Per User


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Includes everything in the Professional plan but limited to:

  • Upload 1 recording
  • Analysing 1 recording
  • Create 1 project
  • Invite one collaborator


For you and your team, with unlimited recording uploads and all the pro features.

Price Per User

900 Euro /year

Contact Sales


  • Sample recordings
  • Unlimited projects & collaborators
  • Upload unlimited recordings


  • Replay, view and work with signals
  • Use your language of choice
  • Transform signals using LUA scripting
  • Create abstraction layers & integrate with external apps

Visualize-feature: IN BETA!

  • Search and explore signals
  • Share relevant scenarios


For companies / teams with specific use cases that need custom setup we offer a Enterprise solution.

Price Per User

From 900 Euro /year

Contact Sales

Includes everything in Professional, and:

  • Unique setup
  • Custom integrations
  • SSO solution

*The starter plan allows uploading and analysing one (1) drive cycle recording of your own in addition to the available sample recordings included in the plan. To be able to work with additional recordings and collaborate more broadly – please upgrade to the professional plan.

Pricing RemotiveBroker —

The core of the RemotiveLabs platform is its easy access to signals from the vehicle with a flexible setup designed to suit modern software ECU development and testing.

We offer a 30-day free RemotiveBroker evaluation licence which you can request here. If you want to buy a commercial RemotiveBroker Licence – please contact

Read more about the RemotiveBroker here

RemotiveBroker license

Price per license

2 500 Euro / year

  • Hardware agnostic
  • Record signals from any vehicle
  • Read & write vehicle signals
  • Build scalable & remotely accessible test rigs
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Note! A RemotiveCloud account is included in the RemotiveBroker license price.

Let’s innovate & get stuff done together!

We’re constantly updating and adding to the RemotiveLabs platform. Our current licensees are invited to evaluate our cloud collaboration platform. Want to learn more or be a beta tester? Connect and tell us what you are looking to get done!