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In the automotive industry software engineers need to build and test software for vehicles that don’t exist yet. It’s hard work, but it’s a lot easier with flexible tools.

Demo in the cloud

Experience our platform in the cloud with pre-recorded data

Book a high-level tech demo with us.

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The core of the RemotiveLabs platform is its easy access to signals from the vehicle with a flexible setup designed to suit modern software ECU development and testing. Book a one-on-one demo with us via Calendly – we’ll give a 15-minutes high-level technical overview and answer any questions you may have.

License cost

Free evaluation period 30 days, thereafter:

Single hardware license

2,500 Euro / year

There are two ways to test drive RemotiveLabs!

Experience through demo in cloud

Get a sense of the platform by experimenting with signals from a pre-recorded drive cycle.

  • See the signals through the web client or via a reference library
  • Replay and learn how to work with signals in the platform
  • Apply your own code
  • No login required

The cloud demo features signals from a drive cycle around Turning Torso in Malmö, Sweden.

Go to the cloud demo

Get a 30-day free Evaluation License

Want to evaluate the RemotiveLabs platform thoroughly? Try it with your own signal data, enabled with a hardware license.

How to get started

  • Install RemotiveBroker on the hardware of your choice following the User Guide on GitHub. Use the hardware of your choice, we have a growing list of reference kits. You will also need a cable to connect to your test car.
  • After installation, request a license through your RemotiveWebApp.

What can you do?

  • Start recording signals from any vehicle. Innovate, collaborate & get stuff done!
  • Upload- / -download data, work on signals by running it through the tooling of choice, and more.

What happens after 30 days?

  • The account will be inactivated after 30 days. Before or after that, you can contact us through to set up a subscription license.
User Guide on GitHub

We constantly develop the RemotiveLabs platform and our existing base of licensees are invited to evaluate the development of the cloud collaboration platform we are building. Interested in signing up as an early adopter? Just contact us or join us on GitHub and tell us what you are looking to get done in your automotive software project!

Let’s innovate & get stuff done together!

We’re constantly updating and adding to the RemotiveLabs platform. Our current licensees are invited to evaluate our cloud collaboration platform. Want to learn more or be a beta tester? Connect and tell us what you are looking to get done!