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Automated tests for ECU software testing

Aurobay is in the field of hybrid powertrain solutions, ensuring compatibility to environmental legislations as well as setting up efficient calibration and diagnostics of new components. The company is currently complementing its HIL test environment with a flexible and cost-efficient RemotiveBroker setup for automated test to verify ECU functionality.

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November 9, 2023
Test rigs


Simple and flexible automotive test rig

Aurobay is in the powertrain hybrid and petrol verification and validation solution space. The current HIL testing for powertrain control units is being complemented by additional virtual tests and diagnostics in cells and for complete vehicles. To broaden the offering, the company has a complimentary RemotiveBroker test rig setup. The setup provides a remotely accessible environment to communicate with ECU and other control modules. This provides possibilities to automate test within UDS (Universal Diagnostic System), safety features, software updates and more.

A flexible way to communicate with the ECU

Using RemotiveBroker combined with a Raspberry Pi and several CAN_FD interfaces allows Aurobay to automate the ECU verification process. This includes SW updates, verification of different calibrations, functionality working as specified. Even cyber security testing is automated using this setup.

Aurobay test rig setup
Aurobay powertrain test rig setup with RemotiveLabs software running on a Raspberry Pi. Remote access is available using ethernet, in this case RJ45. Easy to get going, easy to scale.

Main advantages – testing ECUs with RemotiveLabs

  • Flexible test on ECU level – using RemotiveLabs installed on a Raspberry Pi with CAN interfaces for early requirement tests. This type of basic software testing cannot be done with the traditional HIL setup.
  • Hooks into existing tooling CI/CD pipeline – A custom framework for scripted automated test can easily be developed in any gRPC-supported language and hooked into the existing CI/CD pipeline using the RemotiveBroker. The team can pre-process results and has full control over the results and how it is published.
  • Easy to maintain / scale tests – Tests are easily maintained, reused, and scaled with Python compared to commonly used scripts in typical domain-specific languages.
  • Remote access With RemotiveBroker, the team can test multiple setups simultaneously. The entire setup is usable within the local network directly or via SSH.
  • Space efficient – the only hardware needed is a Raspberry Pi or a Linux / docker-based solution. Developers and test teams use their normal office equipment (with OS of their choice).
  • Cost efficient The cost of a RemotiveBroker and Raspberry Pi setup is at least 10 times more cost-efficient than a traditional solution.

“For early software ECU verification, the RemotiveBroker setup enables automated testing and is at least 10 times more cost efficient than the HIL-rig setup.”

Lorenzo Della Torre
Software Test Automation Engineer Aurobay

Aurobay was previously a part of Volvo Cars, where a framework for automated ECU verification testing was developed.