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Developer-friendly E2E protection now integrated

End-to-end (E2E) is a central safety and security framework within AUTOSAR for automotive communication. We’ve just made it simpler to implement end-to-end protection when using the RemotiveLabs platform in ECU development and testing.

February 16, 2023


E2E for automotive performance and reliability

The automotive industry has rigorous safety and security standards and AUTOSAR E2E is a comprehensive framework referring to ISO262626. It is used to protect data and quickly detect communication failure at both software and hardware layers. 

To ensure the performance and reliability of the system, end-to-end communication protection calculates a checksum of the data packages sent that verifies that all packages have been received correctly. It also includes a counter that is used to ensure continuity – without data loss or duplicates. The secret data ID is used in the checksum verification. End-to-end automotive protection testing is broadly applicable and benefits developers as they can apply the testing themselves in the development process, rather than offloading to others.

Integrating E2E protection in RemotiveLabs platform

With our latest platform update, E2E profile 1A has been made available through an easy configuration. When the E2E information is loaded into the RemotiveBroker runtime, it will be used as verification for sending and receiving the E2E-enabled frames. Since the E2E information is added in the meta database that RemotiveLabs provides, it can add E2E protection to the signal database of choice (.dbc, .ldf, fibex, arxml). The solution is seamlessly integrated, meaning self-service for automotive developers without any hassle. The RemotiveBroker offers the runtime to achieve protection in tests and simulations. 

E2E Protection RemotiveBroker any signal database .dbc, .ldf, fibex, arxml etc

With the integrated E2E protection feature in the RemotiveBroker, any interaction that sends a frame will result in an end-to-end encoded frame and information received will be verified.

Main advantages vs traditional development tooling

  • Easy to get started, configure through DBC or use the RemotiveLabs meta database.
  • In the RemotiveLabs platform E2E is cleverly implemented to support not only DBC but it also gives the possibility to add your own database and E2E protection with a json paired meta database file. You can for example add E2E protection on LIN through .ldf, including fibex and armxml with the RemotiveLabs meta database.
  • To send an AUTOSAR E2E encoded frame, simply publish signal values for the signals in the frame with E2E enabled.

Visit our GitHub for sample E2E configuration with meta database, we’ve also made the json documentation available here. This first release includes AUTOSAR E2E profile 1A. More profiles are to be added upon request, let us know what you need through contact.