Use case

Fun and efficient automotive prototyping

Using ProtoPie in combination with RemotiveLabs support agile prototyping with real data. Less development time, better automotive prototypes!

Prototyping made fun with real vehicle data accessible in protoPie via RemotiveLabs.
January 26, 2023


Automotive Prototyping with real data

ProtoPie is an appreciated and well-known tool for creating realistic prototypes from interaction design ideas. The tool is already gaining a lot of traction in the automotive space for design simulation and its time-saving UX workflow. However; automotive developers are struggling to make useful prototypes due to inaccessible sensor data, reliance on hardware, and outdated tooling. This is where RemotiveLabs come in and help to reduce complexity and enable quick feedback and interaction with vehicle data for automotive developers.

Signal data is helpful for all types of development work including debugging, verifying compatibility between ECUs (Electrical Control Units), early-stage innovation and continuous integration. A key benefit with RemotiveLabs is the possibility to use clever open-source solutions and third-party hardware for visualization, modeling, and simulation. 

A great tooling combination

Visualizing prototype work is what ProtoPie does best. With RemotiveLabs, testing can easily take place either live in a real vehicle, or in the cloud using a video recording for simulation.

RemotiveLabs can give access to data in-vehicle in real time. Alternatively give access to real data without hardware dependency in the cloud.

RemotiveBroker Prototyping with real data in real-time – The RemotiveBroker makes in-vehicle signal data available and easily shareable. Access to signal data is crucial to creating realistic prototypes, as well as enabling early testing and iteration of ideas.

RemotiveCloud Prototyping with real data without hardware dependency – Several virtual RemotiveBrokers can run in the cloud. Play, visualize, and run scenarios on recorded signals without the need for physical access to the car and its components.

Experience the instrument cluster live!

To demonstrate the potential of the tooling combination, we recorded a drive cycle using RemotiveBroker and matched it with an instrument cluster in ProtoPie Connect. Then we took the vehicle for a drive and experienced the signals live with the RemotiveBroker as an enabler for ProtoPie to receive the vehicle signals in real-time and display them to the driver. Now this car has an instrument cluster.

With the combination of RemotiveLabs and ProtoPie, automotive developers can collaborate more efficiently with a less expensive process including left-shifting i.e. moving testing and QA to the early stages of the development life cycle. Read ProtoPie’s full article on RemotiveLabs to get more information about all the ways the combined solution adds value to automotive UX design and designing for automotive usage.