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Press Release – Profilence & RemotiveLabs sets a new benchmark in infotainment quality testing: Combining user behavior with vehicle signals.

Infotainment quality analytics by Profilence & RemotiveLabs
April 22, 2024


A new benchmark in infotainment quality testing: Combining user behavior with vehicle signals

Profilence, renowned for its award-winning long-term stability analysis solution based on user behavior modeling and root cause analysis, has partnered with RemotiveLabs, a modern software startup within vehicle software development. This innovative approach combines the strengths of both companies to efficiently recreate real-world user interactions and integrate the vehicle signals in infotainment QA processes. The result is a comprehensive quality analysis solution to enable continuous stability and performance analysis.

Until now, the industry has grappled with accurately recreating the complex interplay between user behavior and vehicle signals. This collaboration eliminates that gap, enabling detailed analysis and faster, more efficient development cycles. The partnership offers OEMs and Tier 1s a ‘1+1=3’ scenario where the combined capabilities of RemotiveLabs and Profilence enables a holistic view of infotainment system performance and quality in a laboratory environment when only hardware test rigs exist, well before vehicles are available for fleet trials.

First demoed at the COVESA All Members Meeting in Gothenburg in April 2024, with P3 as an early adopter with their Android Automotive OS based SPARQ OS platform.

Marius Mailat (pictured left ), CTO & Managing Director of P3 digital services: “With this integration, we’re showing how OEMs can be sure their IVI is built on superior-quality technology, and bring their products to market faster, with confidence.”

Sneak preview at the COVESA Showcase in Gothenburg, demoed with P3’s SPARQ OS platform.

This new type of quality analytics addresses the challenge of finding those tricky types of issues that normally only occur in long-term use. RemotiveLabs and Profilence empower manufacturers to ensure expected quality, user experience, and long-term stability.

Tero Aaltonen, Chief Business Development Officer of Profilence (pictured left): “We’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in infotainment testing. Bringing in RemotiveLabs capabilities into our solution will become the new benchmark for quality analysis in automotive infotainment.”

RemotiveLabs CTO, Aleksandar Filipov (pictured left) adds: “Our partnership with Profilence is a game-changer for testing with data from real vehicles. We make it easy to record, share and use real drive-cycles which are fed into Profilence’s QA Suite, enabling fully automated end-to-end testing at scale”.

This tech partnership takes Profilence capabilities to the next level as it automates testing and enables quality analytics of the actual in-vehicle experiences – combined with the vehicle behavior.

Profilence QA dashboard: for each software defect found during the analysis process, technical teams can check the state of Android Automotive OS, telematics, signals coming from the vehicle, and other pieces of information, to quickly understand the issue’s root cause.
RemotiveLabs Dashboard
Recorded and live vehicle signals in preferred format (OEM proprietary, VSS, Android) can be streamed from RemotiveCloud into Profilence QA suite to further strengthen a holistic understanding of infotainment quality.

About Profilence: Profilence is the leader in advanced software quality assurance solutions for automotive, medical, and smart devices. Based in Finland and working with customers worldwide, their patented QA Suite and expertise have accelerated the development of dozens of products and prevented critical software issues from reaching end users. Contact: Tero Aaltonen,, +358 44 255 3454 

About RemotiveLabs: RemotiveLabs empowers automotive engineers by providing modern and flexible tooling for software development. The Malmö-based startup was founded in Sweden in 2020 and has been recognized as a change maker in software-defined vehicles with their open and developer-centric platform. Contact: Carin Lagerstedt,, +46706254464