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Joining the COVESA Alliance – supporting VSS data sharing

Enabling data sharing and collaboration in automotive including connected and autonomous vehicles. Smoothly turn live or recorded data into filtered VSS data in RemotiveLabs platform.

February 7, 2023
Open standards


Developer-friendly signal data

We are proud to announce that RemotiveLabs is joining the COVESA Alliance. COVESA is a leading ecosystem for the connected and autonomous vehicle industry, providing a platform for collaboration, data sharing, and innovation. The COVESA Alliance is composed of a diverse group of companies, researchers, and individuals, all working together to advance the future of mobility. Their Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS, latest version 3.0) is a common approach for describing vehicle data in a developer-friendly way.

Turn live / recorded OEM data into filtered VSS data

At RemotiveLabs, we believe that our technology will be a valuable addition to the cloud collaboration including the open source / open standard ambitions in automotive that take part under the COVESA umbrella. Our focus on enabling data sharing and collaboration will help to accelerate the development of the future of mobility. In particular, we are soon to release our VSS signal features to a broad audience, which will make it easy for anyone to share signal data according to industry standards in the cloud. Our RemotiveBroker also enables live VSS data sharing during drive cycles, providing valuable real-time information for researchers and developers.

Illustration of OEM live / recorded data turning into filtered VSS data through the RemotiveBroker

Sharing recorded and live signal VSS data is soon to be released to a broad audience. This allows OEMs to choose precisely what to share and change the signal names according to VSS including transformations such as signal merging and resampling to produce data at the desired frequency.

Joining the COVESA Alliance

Joining COVESA will help us drive innovation and progress, not only in the connected and autonomous vehicle industry but also to support collaborations on automotive developments overall. We are eager to exchange our knowledge and findings so far with the other members and contribute by reducing complexity for the software developers. RemotiveLabs’ lightweight and flexible platform accelerates 3rd parties involvement in projects by getting easy access to all relevant signal data, but still under the control of the automotive OEMs.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress as part of the COVESA Alliance.