What do we actually do?

Wheel rotation graphs have been a prominent part of our story so far – our founder Aleksandar Filipov have used these graphs since the very beginning to explain what RemotiveLabs tooling is all about. Our tooling makes it simpler to prototype, build and test vehicle software. But how does that relate to those graphs?

Wheel rotation graphs
August 16, 2023
Company update


From demo interface to wall art

Explaining what we do at RemotiveLabs is not all that easy. When Alekandar Filipov first founded RemotiveLabs and wanted to explain what the original product – the RemotiveBroker – does, he would demonstrate the wheel rotation graphs in the RemotiveBrokerApp.

As a wink to how instrumental those graphs have been in our history, we took help from Patricia Möller, founder at Malmö startup Poasana to turn wheel rotation graphs into sustainable wall art with acoustic panels.

Aleksandar Filipov: “Wheel rotations are relatable for everyone as it is something dynamic with the wheels rotating at different speeds as the car turns”

Using recorded drive cycles is a way to reduce hardware dependencies and one of the steps toward virtualization. RemotiveLabs platform enables collaboration in the cloud and the ability to feed signals to external applications like ProtoPie or an Android Automotive stack. A RemotiveBroker can run on any hardware with as many busses (LIN, CAN, Flexray, etc) as the hardware allows. We package our solution in ways that allow software engineers to abstract away hardware in vehicle development.

Wheel rotation graphs code samples (click to start), go to to try for yourself! (no registration / signup required)

It’s not about graphs – it’s all about scripts

Most of our users actually primarily appreciate access in code rather than graphics. RemotiveLabs tooling is different from traditional automotive tooling in several ways:

  • It resembles toolings developers are used to from modern software practices with the ability to easily integrate and hook into other tooling that they are used to using, including open source.
  • It adds flexibility to use the OS & the language of choice (gRPC i.e. Python, C++, Rust etc). Containerized, it runs on any Linux-based HW.
  • The development environment puts developers in control with helpful APIs, integrations (VSS, AAOS, ProtoPie) and scripting (CLI available) to build high-quality & robust software!

Anything you see, you can script! Traditional toolings create frustration because developers want to automate and integrate code efficiently with scripting. RemotiveLabs as a company was sprung out of the frustration automotive developers experience trying to iterate efficiently in ECU functionality and vehicle software development.