Use case

Highly-automated testing

In the dynamic world of automotive technology, bridging the gap between traditional automotive testing and the requirements of testing complex software systems is crucial. This is where RemotiveLabs’ collaboration project with Creators Expedition – an AVL Initiative comes into play, a partnership promising groundbreaking exchange in highly-automated automotive testing.

AVL Creators Expedition logo and RemotiveLabs logo on green hills
January 30, 2024
AVL – Creators Expedition


Teaming up for next gen automotive testing

We are excited to share that we are teaming up with AVL’s startup initiative Creators Expedition. AVL is one of the world’s leading mobility technology companies for development, simulation, and testing in the automotive industry and the collaboration between RemotiveLabs and Creators Expedition aims at transforming an industry laden with legacy practices in the field of highly-automated automotive testing.

A fruitful exchange of expertise

The collaboration between AVL and RemotiveLabs is not just about technological advancement; it’s also about shaping the future of automotive testing and bridging the gap between typical automotive patterns and those of modern software engineering.

  • RemotiveLabs – pioneering automotive tooling
    Founded in 2020, Swedish startup RemotiveLabs challenges legacy tooling in automotive with modern software approaches, abstracting away from hardware. Further, the platform enables developer-centric prototyping, software engineering and early testing of modern software platforms that hooks in well with legacy architecture. See more platform use cases.
  • Creators Expedition – An AVL initiative
    Creators Expedition was launched as an AVL initiative in 2017, has been a catalyst for innovation, driving AVL’s startup collaborations in fields such as electromobility, AI, and big data. AVL’s extensive experience within automotive and specifically in virtual testing and simulation orchestration is extremely valuable.
  • Partnership is the new leadership paradigm
    The initial connection through Ignite Sweden’s network highlights their role in bridging innovative Swedish startups with established industry giants. An active network to connect startups with corporate and governmental organizations fosters a vibrant ecosystem where new ideas meet experience, leading to transformative outcomes in various sectors, including automotive.