Launching Host Mobility reference kits

Our RemotiveBroker runs on the hardware of your choice – now you can get it preconfigured on automotive grade hardware from Host Mobility! Preconfigured HMX and MX-4 T30 FR is the latest addition of available reference kits and a smooth and easy way to get started!

May 18, 2023


Automotive grade hardware

Host Mobility offer automotive-grade hardware for automotive with RemotiveLabs software image preconfigured. These options are the fastest setup so far in getting started with the RemotiveLabs platform and lightweight tooling. Open RemotiveLabs Host Mobility Data Sheet.

Host Mobility HMX — RemotiveLabs preconfigured

The next-generation telematics computer for modern automotive development.

  • 1.6 Ghz CPU Quad core, 64 bit, 800MHz real-time co-processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4G/LTE or 5G, Wi-Fi
  • 6x CAN-FD
  • 2x Automotive Ethernet (100/1000BASE-T1)
  • Linux, with root access
  • GPS
  • Multiple digital I/O up to 1.5 Amp

€ 895 ex VAT. Contact HostMobility for orders.

Host Mobility MX-4 T30 FR — RemotiveLabs preconfigured

Telematics computer with an impressive range of automotive communication interfaces.

  • 1.4 GHz CPU Quad core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4G/LTE modem, Wi-Fi
  • 6x CAN 2.0 B
  • 2x Ethernet
  • Linux, with root access
  • GPS
  • 6x I/O, 2x Analog input
  • 2x LIN
  • Flexray

€ 895 ex VAT. Contact HostMobility for orders.

Multiple benefits for automotive developers

Our RemotiveBroker can run on the hardware of your choice including RaspberryPi or any Linux/Docker based HW. Using Host Mobility’s automotive grade hardware preconfigured with RemotiveLabs software is a quick way to get to the fun part with signal data access and automated continuous integration using your own RemotiveBroker! Choose your model above and in addition you need a valid license from us (we offer a 30 days evaluation license).

About RemotiveLabs preconfigured Signal Broker

The RemotiveBroker is the core of RemotiveLabs platform and a clever method to connect quickly to signal data from the vehicle, prototype new ECUs or experiences. With its RemotiveWebApp and Cloud interfaces you can quickly run your code against signal data, easily ensure that you always run developments on updated code and more. Cloud demo of RemotiveLabs available here. Our RemotiveBroker runs on the hardware of your choice, a growing list of reference kits available here.